The concept of the Birdhouse Project is to have as many people as possible ponder the future of our planet earth through the imagery of a birdhouse.
Using the image of a birdhouse, the Birdhouse Project aims to bring awareness to others about the future of our planet earth.

What is Birdhouse Project?

The Birdhouse Project involves creating what may be the environment of Earth in the future within a parameter of a small contained artificial dwelling space we call "birdhouse". We are then able to explore our vision of a new planetary environment in which man and nature can coexist.
Our main activities revolve around the planning and management of the biennial birdhouse exhibition. Each time, renowned creators across industries worldwide will be selected and they create their version of a 'birdhouse' in accordance to our theme.
Lately, we are also focusing on young generations in an effort to raise their awareness. We host a birdhouse competition for students, have workshops, and provide a Birdhouse Caf where participants have free discussions.
Through the
Birdhouse Project, we have met many supporters from all over the world. They are mobilizing their own Birdhouse Project activities in their country. The different countries, cultures, and languages involved will certainly bring diversity to nourish the vision of a future environment. One circle of movement makes a connection to another that eventually builds up the whole idea of a future environment on Earth --- This is happening right now.

BHP has been exhibiting messages from all over the world in various locations. Above: Kitakyushu Expo Exhibition, Below: LOHAS Design Week 2006

Scenes from Birdhouse Caf

At NASA, a meeting for a new project begins by sharing a dream or a vision. Dreams mentioned in fairy tales a century ago have become a reality at NASA.
Having a dream must be the most powerful magic given to humankind.
Imagine ....
Dynamic earth and our future that takes place there.
There must be as many dreams as there are human beings.
If each dream forms a shape, we can visualize our future more....
That's where the birdhouse fits in.
It is the smallest space created by our hands that is in harmony with nature.
A living work of both art and man exist within the same circle of Earth's environment.
Come! Let us ride on the wing of imagination and search for our birdhouse, the future of earth.
Wherever, spin your destination.
What was born from the idea of freedom of the children? Minoo Jiyu Gakuen School
Symposium, lectures and other activities are held.

What was born from the idea of freedom of the children? Minoo Jiyu Gakuen School

Symposium, lectures and other activities are held.