Birdhouse Original Goods
We have various Birdhouse goods available for sale.

The money from their sale is used effectively to augment the budget for our activities.
Look forward to our new goods soon to be released.

Official Birdhouse Catalogue
Space Bird Children
Birdhouses By Aerospace Designers

B4 size 60 pages \1,200 (not including postage)

Paper Birdhouse
Birdhouse made from recycled and bio-decomposable paper. Will decomposed in 2 or 3 years to be part of the earth once more. \1,000 (not including postage)

Official Birdhouse Catalogue
Birdhouses By Airport Designers
(only few left)

B4 size 64 pages \1,800 (not including postage)

Original Postcard
Our past birdhouses are now available as postcards
A set of 5 for
Εθ500 + postage

Birdhouse T-Shirt



Official Birdhouse Catalogue
Birdhouses By Car & Yacht Designers

B4 size 66 pages \2,000 (not including postage)

"Bird's" Birdhouse Communication
Introduction on Birdhouse Project daily activities and messages by volunteer staff.
\500 (including postage. Available during given periods only)

Official Birdhouse Catalogue
Birdhouses By AI Designers

B4 size 56 pages \1,800 (not including postage)

Official Birdhouse Catalogue
Birdhouses By Museum Designers

B4 size 40 pages \1,800 (not including postage)

Promotional DVD
Comes in 2 parts: activities and works
Εθ1,000 + postage


Official Birdhouse Catalogue
Vol. 8 Birdhouses by Space Designers
<Consolidated Edition> B4 size 92 pages